Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Treats

Today I made some treats for Susan to take to work for Halloween. Making goodies for work is one of the biggest things I miss about not having a job. I wanted to try something new this year and I found these cute mice and spiders in a book Susan bought. They sure sounded easier to make than they were, but aren't they cute?

In addition to the spiders and mice, I made a batch of cupcakes that I had intended to decorate like spiderwebs and eyeballs, but I ran out of frosting before I could finish them.

Next year I want to find some small edible black spiders to put in the webs.


That's right - Can you believe it? Just when I was coming to terms with having to put the house back up on the market again next year, I finally got an offer worth accepting. The sale closes on December 31. It is too late in the year to get our lot prepared so Susan and I will be moving next Spring. YEA!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adam's First Visit to Epcot

I know it is easy to forget to check Julie and Tommy's blog, so I took these pictures off their page so you could see Adam during his first visit to EPCOT.

How cute! His very first ride was Journey into Imagination with Figment! Figment is one of my favorite Disney characters. I have the same Figment that Adam is holding and I also have a Figment antenna ball for my car.

The entire family.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Decorating for Halloween

I absolutely love Halloween! These are just some of the window decorations I have put up so far.
These spiders are actually kind of creepy. They are in the front picture window, which is directly across the room from the TV. When the light is just right, it looks like spiders are on the TV screen.
This year we are going to have a graveyard outside, with tombstones, skeletons and a huge spider web crawling with scary spiders. I would love to have one of those fog machines!
One of our neighbors told Susan how much she liked this spider web. There are actually two spiders on the web, but they do not show up in the dark.
Oh, what fun!

Tillie Resting

Tillie definitely has her favorite places to take a nap. We already have pictures on this blog of her sleeping in the laundry basket, but just like Toby she loves pillows. It must be really rough being a dog in this house.

That being said, there is nothing like taking a nap with Mama. This scene made me want to take a nap myself.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thompson's Farm

Today we took Mom and Dad out to Thompson's Farm in Naches. There are several farms in the valley that set up hay rides, corn mazes and feeding stations, but you can only see a pumpkin fired out of a cannon at Thompson's Farm. John Thompson made three different cannons, by hand, from old farm equipment.

This is the largest of the three cannons. It fires pumpkins about twice the size of the pumpkins seen in the foreground and the pumpkins fly several hundred feet through the air.

You can listen to John's Almost Live Band while you are drinking hot apple cider and eating homemade pumpkin donuts.

This is the bands lead singer.
This is a new goat ramp that John made so the goats have something to climb on. I tried to get a good picture of the cute little goats, but they were shy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Central Washington State Fair

Mom, Dad, Susan and I went to the fair yesterday and had a really good time. There is a new exhibit at the fair this year called Candy Nation. There was a great deal of information available on several different candies, however the focus seemed to be jelly beans. Click on the image below for a larger view.
Three portraits made out of jelly beans were on display. I thought it was worth going to the fair just to see these portraits. In addition to Ronald Reagan, there was a portrait of Marilyn Monroe and Arnold Schwarzenegger. All three were fantastic.
In the animal barn we saw this white turkey. I didn't know that turkeys could be all white.
Mom and Dad are standing next to the largest pumpkin we saw at the fair. It weighed in at 250 pounds.

Adam's First Bath

Julie and Tommy posted these pictures of Adam on their blog. They are pictures of Adam taking his first bath and resting afterwards. Apparently, Adam really likes music so they played Mama Mia while he was taking his bath.

He does look very comfortable, doesn't he?

If you want to see a short video of Adam's first bath, click on the link to Julie and Tommy's blog on the right hand side of the page.