Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tillie's Bath Day

It was bath day for Tillie today. When Susan is finished giving Tillie her bath, she wraps her up in the afghan, which Tillie will stay in for a long time. Tillie usually dries off sitting in Susan's chair but today she kept me company while I was resting in my room.
Toby stays nearby waiting for Tillie to emerge from the afghan at which time Susan uses a hair dryer to finish the job.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Anacortes Arts Festival

Susan and I went to the Anacortes Arts Festival this weekend for the first time.  We drove over on Saturday morning taking Highway 2 in anticipation of the heavy I-90 traffic the result of Seafair and we were so glad we did.  We took a little side trip to Cashmere, stopping at the '59er Diner.  This darling diner is located in Apple Annie's Antique Mall. We got quite a kick out of looking at all the memorabilia from the 50's. 
They have a kitchen decorated from the 50's complete with a table you can eat at, if you are lucky enough to get there when it is empty. 

A person could spend a lot of time simply looking at all the decorations on the walls of the restaurant. Apparently the restaurant is famous for their milkshakes. We did not try one, because we stopped by in the morning, but they even have a contest every month to see if someone can guess how many shakes they will make that month.
We want to go back when we have enough time to look through the antique mall, and go through the Applets and Cotlets factory at Liberty Orchards.

The weather was just gorgeous and there were a lot of people at the Arts Festival. I took these pictures while we were walking around - really an excuse to use my new digital camera.
The festival is in its 6th year and features 250 artisans over a six block area. There were several jewelry and pottery booths, but they also had some stunning wood and metal art.
Terry Jones from Trout Lake, WA won the Best of the Fest award for his wood art. It was just beautiful.

Even though many of the items were pricey, I would go back to the festival again. On Sunday, we drove up to Port Susan and visited with Mom and Dad while we watched the NASCAR race and some tennis. They treated us to lunch at the "Little Casino" and then we drove home. We had a great road trip!