Friday, April 24, 2009

Modification Request

After carefully reviewing all available options concerning our property we have decided to request a modification to the original wetlands agreement that, if approved, will provide us with the land necessary to accommodate our house, garage and shop and still remain a comfortable distance from neighboring fences. The new property layout is currently being reviewed by both our general and septic contractor to ensure the plan meets all construction requirements. Assuming the layout meets their needs, we will file the modification request on Wednesday, April 29 with the Yakima County Public Services Department. Keep your fingers crossed.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Bump in the Road

It didn't take very long for us to encounter our first major 'bump in the road' as far as our property development is concerned. Right after our contractor put up the flags, a septic contractor came out to the property to map out the septic system and he discovered a major problem. New building sites, utilizing a septic system, must have a reserve area set aside in case the original drain field fails. The reserve drain field is subject to the same building restrictions as the primary drain field. Because a large amount of our property is designated as wetlands, the septic contractor has told us that there isn't enough land left to support our home, garage and shop. Susan and I have a meeting scheduled with both contractors to discuss possible options. More to follow.....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Construction Step 1 Completed

Our general contractor has completed placing the flags and tape on our property. The yellow tape will stop workers from entering and disturbing the wetlands.

Everything to the left of the tape is wetlands. Our house, garage and shop will be on the other side. The red flags are difficult to see in these photos, but they show the actual location of the different buildings.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snow on April 15!

It snowed in town this morning for about two hours and was just beautiful. I enjoyed the view while relaxing in the hot tub. Sadly, it has all melted now but it was pretty while it lasted.

Easter Weekend

Susan and Julie bought these tulips for me for Easter in my favorite colors, purple and pink. They are just beautiful!

Julie is definitely showing now that she is almost halfway through her pregnancy. The baby is due September 10. The sex of the baby is unknown at this point.

Geocache at the Little Store
Susan and I had previously tried to find the cache at this little store, but we were unsuccessful. This time, Julie came with us. She must have been a good luck charm, because we found it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Julie is home for Easter

Julie and "Little Splunkie" arrived on Tuesday, April 7 and will be visiting until April 14 when she has to go home to Florida. Tommy is working so unfortunately he couldn't make the trip. Julie is in her second trimester now and is feeling tired, but otherwise fine.
Susan and Julie went shopping for maternity clothes this week and found some very cute pants, tops and dresses. We all went shopping last night and bought some patterns to make items for the nursery. Then we went to dinner at The Outback Steakhouse - Yum!
This is a picture from her last ultrasound when the baby was about 12 weeks.

March News

Even though we didn't start this blog until April, last month was a very busy month for us. Mom was admitted to Banner Baywood Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona on March 13 with a ruptured appendix. She was very sick for a few weeks but she left the hospital on March 30 and is continuing her recovery at home. She and Dad still plan on going on a cruise in May.

Sadly, our Aunt Evelyn passed away in Spokane, WA while Mom was in the hospital. Evelyn had previously requested that no funeral service be held, but her girls are planning a family reunion this summer to celebrate her life. It has been several years since Susan and I have seen our cousins so I hope they hold the reunion when we can attend.

I have my new power chair now, a Jazzy Select GT. I also had a power lift installed on my Highlander. While it takes extra time to load and unload the chair, it sure makes it easier to get around, especially in large stores like Home Depot or Costco.

On March 28, we went to dinner at Tony's Steakhouse, one of Yakima's newest restaurants. The inside is much bigger than it looks from the street and the food was wonderful.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Toby is getting a playmate.

Susan will be getting a King Charles Cavalier puppy as soon as the mama is pregnant. In the picture below Hattie, the mama, is the rust and white spanial on the far right.

As soon as Hattie is pregnant Susan and I will go meet her. We are very excited about having another dog in the house.
Property Development
Susan and I have recently purchased property near Yakima. Over one acre of the property is designated as wetlands and we will be preserving the wetlands while encouraging local wildlife to call our wetlands home by adding indigenous foliage in addition to bat houses etc.

This is a view of the property looking toward the gate. This will eventually be the site for the shop. Susan will be restoring a 1952 Chevy pickup in the shop.

The picture was taken looking out the gate onto Gore Road. Creating the road into our property will be the first step completed in the construction process. When the road is created, power will be brought to the property and the septic system will be installed.

This picture was taken facing east. Our house will face west.