Wednesday, July 23, 2014


On Friday, July 19 two of my friends and I met at Suncadia for lunch. We had a wonderful time visiting and the food was fantastic.
This is the front of the main lodge.
Just inside the front door in the lobby.
We ate lunch at Portals. This restaurant has magnificent views of the mountains and the Cle Elum river.
The Bison burger with onion, truffle, garlic fries.
The prime rib sandwich.
The salmon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.
One of the display cabinets in the lodge.
The card room. There is a computer available and games like backgamon, checkers, etc.
A cute sign for the coffee shop.
Entrance hall to the conference or business center.
Shellie and Debbie taking pictures of the scenery.
Hand made art from local artists.
The Cle Elum river can be seen from the restaurant.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

St. Petersburg Russia

This is one of my favorite photos from our recent adventure to Northern Europe.  We had just left the Royal Princess in St. Petersburg, Russia on our way to visit Catherine's Palace and Peterhof Palace.  I just loved the costumes!

We had a wonderful time!

Resident Snake

I finally saw our resident snake today for the first time this year. I was afraid something had happened to it. I try to keep an eye out for it when I let the dogs out so they do not kill it.