Friday, June 29, 2012

Calla's Baby Shower

On June 23, Susan and I went to a baby shower for Mary Stowman. Mary used to work with Susan at North Star Lodge. Mary's baby, Calla, is due in August. There were several people at the shower, which was held in Moxee. It took Mary quite some time to get through all the wonderful gifts she received.

For one of the games, each of us had to cut a piece of yarn that we thought would be the same size as Mary and the one that guessed the closest won a prize.

The party favors were very cute. Each little box had some mints in the shape of baby rattles, a makeup mirror, lotion and a mint, all with individual custom labels.

Debbie, Kay and I went together and got the baby this little play gym. Susan gave Mary a music/recipe CD.

For another game, each person had to try to pick very small safety pins out of a bowl of rice while blindfolded. It was much harder than it sounds.

Everyone had a nice time and it was wonderful to see Mary again.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Toppenish Murals

On Monday, a friend of mine and I went to Toppenish to view the murals. There are 74 murals at the present time, the most recent one painted just a few weekends ago. The town, especially the newer buildings are decorated in a western theme. There are several very cute little parks around the downtown business district. This horse is outside City Hall.
Most of the murals have little plaques next to them that provide a brief story about the painting and the mural's number.
Irish Dick: About 1910, a strapping, hard-drinking sheepherder called Irish Dick traded a pet bear cub to a Toppenish saloon-keeper for whiskey. Some months later the rowdy sheepherder was in town when his grown-up pet escaped, panicking townsfolk. He offered to return the bear to its tether. A terrible fight on main street ended when an unharmed bear was returned to saloon servitude and a brave and bloodied Irishman was taken to the hospital. This is mural number 43.
Presumed Innocent: The judge watches as the prosecutor present the evidence. A small glass of water is held above an old milk can. Charged with diluting milk, the farmer sits with hat on knee, his lawyer standing behind him. An old spittoon in front of the judges desk and a coal stove with a coal scuttle is nearby. Old time sheriff Hutchinson, over seven feet tall, looms over the proceedings. This early courtroom scene was played out many times. Guilty was the verdict of the judge Levi J. Goodrich. The fine, $52.50.
Lou Shattuck: Born to parents who arrived in the valley by covered wagon, Lou grew up here. He loved horses and at age 15 he was driving a stage coach. Famous for his six horse hitch, he won many gold medals, blue ribbons and cash prizes. Lou helped organize the Toppenish Pow Wow and Junior Livestock show. His brand, the "Horseshoe" is still famous in the the Northwest.
Indian Stick Game: Indians have been playing the "Stick Game" as far back as history can be traced. The game is much too complicated to be explained here. Let us say that a lot of money and many possessions changed hands when the game was over. This is mural number five.
My friend treated me to lunch since it was my birthday. We ate at this darling little Soda Fountain located in the center of downtown.
I took too many pictures to post here but I did want to show people a few of them. We had a great time, even though we did not see all of the murals.

New Vet Website

Our vet clinic recently moved to a new building and they had a new website created for the clinic. While they were creating the site, they asked customers to submit pictures of their pets that they could use on the website. We sent in several pictures of the dogs and Tillie made the front page! I guess we aren't the only ones to think she is cute. You can visit the website at by clicking here.
Several of the pictures cycle through a gallery and I have not watched long enough to see if Toby is on the site as well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pittsburgh Visit

Susan went to Pittsburgh in May to visit Julie, Tommy, Adam and Charlotte. It was the first time Susan had seen Charlotte in person.

Julie and Tommy are huge fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates and they go to most of the home games. Adam is old enough now to run around the bases all by himself.
Charlotte even gets dressed up for the baseball games. Look at this darling little onesie with a baseball on her butt.
The very proud Grandma holding Charlotte at five weeks. Charlotte was born on April 16.
Our most recent picture of the entire Rubritz famiily.