Friday, September 20, 2013

Neighbor's Grass Fire

The homeowner to the south of our property had a pile of debris burning today but unfortunately for him, the winds picked up and it quickly spread across the field. The fire spread to the west, crossing the property line.
At first the fire was headed southwest which was great but then the wind changed direction. You can see the blackened grass in the back of this photo showing where the fire burned initially. 
Not sure how they managed to save the cars, but they did. I was not the first person to call 911 and even then, the first firetruck on the scene was not a water truck, so even more land burned before a water truck arrived.
They ended up with four different water trucks on the scene before they stopped calling for more help.
Even though I knew the fire would not reach our property it was still a little scary to see how fast the field burned. 
The ever diligent Toby watched as the firefighters hosed down the hot spots. That is enough excitement for me for the day.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Famous Dave's

Famous Dave's opened last weekend in Yakima and we went to lunch there yesterday before going to Art in the Orchard.
Susan and I ordered different sides so we could taste different options. The potato salad, coleslaw, beans and mac and cheese were all good and all prepared just a bit differently than most restaurants. The atmosphere is fun and the service was really good, especially for a brand new crew.
We loved the pork and the ribs and intend to go back and try a few more items. YUM!

Art in the Orchard

On Saturday, Johnson Orchards located at 4906 Summitview in Yakima held a fundraising event for Children's Village. All donations plus 20% of all art proceeds goes toward helping children in our community with special health care needs.

Artist sell a variety of items at this event including jewelry, glasswork, birdhouses and signs.
Well known artist such as Duane Heilman, Lucy Valderhaug, Dennis Pedemonte and Boris Gaviria are featured along with other vendors.

Susan and I loved the watercolor work of Sally Griffin from Sammamish so we purchase two of her pictures. Last year this fundraising event raised almost $3,000.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Mom and Dad spent the long holiday weekend with us and while they were here we celebrated Susan's birthday, which was earlier in the month. They told Susan they would take us out to dinner anywhere she wanted to go and she picked Snipes in Sunnyside.
The actual name of the place is Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant. The restaurant is family owned and was designed to reflect the surrounding countryside.
You enter the restaurant through large double doors with beautiful glass etched scenes to enter the main dining room. There are banquet rooms available and kids are welcome.
If you order pizza, they bake it in a wood fired oven and brew their own beer. Susan had been to Snipes many years ago, but none of the rest of us had ever been there and we loved it.