Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wetlands Work

While we do still have a few construction type projects to complete, most of the focus from now on will be cleaning up the wetlands and the area surrounding the house. We have had an extensive amount of clean up in the actual wetlands. This picture is what the area looked like after the winter.

When the workers raked away all the dead grass and pulled out all the dead weeds, this is what was left.

Next, our landscaper will be planting the first rows of trees and shrubs required as part of our agreement with the county that allowed us to build on property designated as wetlands.
Closer to the house, we have this slope that extends from the fence around the backyard down about 10 feet to the level of the wetlands. This is what the area looked like a few weeks ago.

Now, most of it looks like this. Next up for this area is a watering system, weedcloth, bark, plants and steps leading from the gate down to the wetlands.

I will post more pictures when things are being planted.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Black Bean Brownies

Susan was watching Melissa D'Arabian on the Food Network a few weeks back when Melissa made Black Bean Brownies. On the show Melissa stated that her family likes these brownies and will request them over other brownie recipes. Susan and I have a lot of fun trying interesting recipes and this one is definitely different. The brownies are very good. We are going to make them again and use instant coffee instead of espresso powder so the coffee favor is not as strong. You would never know that there are black beans in the recipe unless someone told you. It is unfortunate that she does not provide the nutritional information on her recipes. You can go online and download the recipe from the Food Network.