Thursday, January 7, 2010

Animal Therapy

In addition to all the support Susan has provided over the last month, my 'therapy animals' do a great deal every day to lift my spirits. While Toby doesn't like to cuddle he stays close by. Susan gave me Christmas Bear while I was in the hospital and I smile every time I look at him. Tillie lies down on top of me most of the day. I am a lucky person to have all this love and support.

The Wedding Singer

My first outing after surgery, other than to doctor's appointments, was to go see The Wedding Singer at the Capitol Theatre last weekend. This musical is the first of the Broadway 2010 season in Yakima. Susan and I both enjoyed the performance, and the cast received a standing ovation. There were some powerful singers in the group, which always makes a performance more enjoyable.
There is something to be said for good pain medication and a lot of ice to cure cabin fever.

It's Official

Even though we signed the papers a few months ago, the sale of a home is not final everything successfully passes through the financial system. My sale of my house closed on December 31, 2009 and the money has transferred. My attempted to transfer the picture from the MLS to our blog didn't work especially well, but you can still make out the SOLD in red. Oh Happy Day! We can't begin to describe what a relief it is to have finally sold this house. We will be placing the order for our new house this week. YIPPEE!