Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 19th Dunedin, New Zealand

Today we arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand.  The ship is moored at Port Chalmers, approximately 8 miles from town as it is too large to go into the other port.  Our tour started with a visit to Olvestin House, a 19th century home that has been kept in original condition.  Look at the size of the Fuschia plant growing in the gardens.  We were not allowed to take photos inside the house, but I did buy a postcard.

The next stop was to the botanical gardens which were very pretty.

You can see how hilly the ground is around town. 

Susan got a picture of Baldwin Street, which is the steepest street in the world, even beating out San Francisco.

We also got a brief look at the old railway station. The stained glass window is on the second floor and when you look at the window it looks like the train is coming right at you.

Cadbury is based in Dunedin.  We did not go on a tour, but we took a picture of the factory and our tour guide treated us to a piece of chocolate.

There was a ship next to ours today, the Radiance of the Seas.  When the tugbosts position the ships up to the dock, the paint is disturbed and when we got back to our ship, Susan took this picture of the workers painting over the marks. They don't waste any time.

Tomorrow we use the ships tenders to get to town, which is always an interesting experience.