Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Fun

Julie, Adam, Mom and Dad have been visiting for the last several days and there is so much happening in the valley this time of year, it is easy to find things to do.
It was still quite warm out when Julie and Adam first arrived. This gave Adam a chance to play outside with his water toys and bubbles. He doesn't like making the bubbles, but he does love to chase them and throw the wand. Right now he loves baseball. He went to 27 Pittsburgh Pirates games this season. He has his own ball and mitt and loves to play catch.

On Friday we all went to the Central Washington Fair. We spent a lot of time in the animal barns. This goat was trying to operate the power chair.

Adam just loves animals and he is not afraid of them.

Julie spent a lot of time with Adam in the petting zoo.

On Saturday we went to Leavenworth to meet Bruce for lunch. Marie and Samantha were not able to join us, which is a shame. It was fun to see Adam and Bruce play together. It was the first weekend of Oktoberfest in Leavenworth. There were a lot of people there to listen to the live music, enjoy the Art Fair, and see all the crazy hats people wear.

There were several activities available for people who did not want to shop such as this rock climbing wall. Thunderstorms and showers were predicted for the day, but only a few drops fell while we were there.

We stopped for coffee at one of the Bratwurst and Beer pubs and this statue was in the garden.

We celebrated Susan's birthday on Sunday. Even though her birthday was actually in August, we decided to wait and celebrate when everyone would be in Yakima. Julie gave Susan this color book of Mount Lebanon, PA where Julie lives. Several artists from the area provided the pictures for this book that doubles as a local history. One of the artists is a lady that taught the art class that Julie took last winter.

On Sunday, Susan took Julie and Adam out to Thompson's Farm to watch the pumpkin canons. They blow a whistle before firing the canons and that scared Adam to death. I believe this creature in the pumpkin patch was more his style.

A close-up of the pumpkin creatures head.

Every year they have a group of different characters "playing" music for the crowd. They also serve hot apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts that are made while you watch. YUM!

What a fun long weekend!