Saturday, April 28, 2012

North Bend

A good friend of mine owns a home in North Bend but she has been gone for the last two years working in Winnipeg. She just recently moved back home and today, April 28, was her birthday so I went over to help her celebrate. Even though her house in within the city limits, it is very secluded. The back yard has a gentle waterfall, several plants and trees and a large burn pit.
This is the North Bend train station. Presently, visitors can ride the train into the town of Snoqualmie, but plans are in the works to run the train all the way to Snoqualmie Falls.
The falls are spectacular right now with all the spring runoff. Even from the lower viewpoint it was hard to keep water off the camera lens.

I was amazed at the size of the casino floor at the Snoqualimie Casino and the number of people gambling.  The air was blue-gray due to all the cigarette smoke so we could not stay on the floor very long.  The views from the deck are worth seeing. 

We had a wonderful day. On the way home, I stopped and took these pictures at the viewpoint on Manastash Pass.