Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Electrical, Heating and Construction Work

There was a tremendous amount of activity here today. Electricians were installing the wiring and boxes for the lights, fan, hot tub, pumps and heating system.  Building contractors were installing windows and siding and the heating company installed duct work for the room heating system. The first picture shows some of the wiring and control box inside the pump room.

You can see receptacles for two recessed can lights that will be above the hot tub. There are two more over the exercise area and two on the south wall in front of the pool.  There will also be a ceiling fan. The north wall windows are installed and next to the can lights, in the ceiling, you can see vents that connect to the heating/dehumidifier system.  
I took this picture, looking up toward the ceiling, to show more of the duct work for the heating system.  
The windows on the north side of the building, shown from outside. The larger window is inside the pump room.  The heating system for the room will sit on the concrete pad in the foreground.  Duct work from the heating unit will pass through the small opening above the window in the pump room and then connect to the vents in the ceiling, shown in the previous image.  
Some siding was installed on the north wall and you can see a piece of black cable in the cold air return - covered by particle board.  
The other window in the pump room has been installed. Both windows in the pump room open to provide cross ventilation.  
The remaining windows will be installed tomorrow. and the next electrical inspection should occur on Friday. Next up: insulation.