Thursday, January 1, 2015

Decking Continued and a Setback

Ben and Bob continued to work on the decking on Monday.  The top of the decking is covered with Trex, which was shown in the last post. This picture shows the top deck frame at the back of the pool.

Bob is measuring the back wall for the decking. Putting decking back here will allow us to stand on the coping to clean the windows.

We noticed that the water level was a little lower than it was on Friday so we put the hose back in and brought the water level up to the correct level. 

The frame on the front is ready for the Trex decking on the top. Unfortunately there is a leak in the liner. It took three full days for all the water to drain out of the pool. When Ben can get back out here, we will begin looking to identify where the leak is located.