Sunday, January 4, 2015

Seam Separation

We let the water drain out of the pool and by the time it stopped there was only about 1.5 inches of water left in the bottom. Three different times while the water was draining I put drops of food coloring in the water and watched where the dye went. By the third time, I was pretty sure that the leak was located under the bench with the step on top of it, at the back of the pool. When Ben came over on Friday, I told him where I suspected the leak was located and so he dismantled the benches in the back of the pool and we found a 3-inch separation at the seam of the liner.

After talking to Rob at Endless Pools and discussing our options, we have decided to wait for a new liner to be manufactured rather than attempt to fix the separation. We will not find out how long our project will be delayed until January 5, when the company opens for business. We suspect that it will take at least three weeks to receive the new liner.
Needless to say, everyone associated with this project is very disappointed. The last electrical inspection should happen next week and Ben and Bob will begin removing the benches, treadmill and propulsion unit so we can remover the liner. After that we will be in a waiting period until the new liner arrives.