Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Since we were driving down to Bingen to try the pizza (see the previous post) I picked two Geocaches we could hunt for while in the area. The first cache was located in the Chenowith Cemetery. The cemetery is at the top of the cliff overlooking the Hood Canal. This view from the top of the cliff was just fantastic. The Hood River Bridge is just barely visible stretching across the river. Visibility was lower than normal due to the Oregon wildfire.

The town of Hood River is just across the water and was easily seen from our vantage point above the cliff.

The Oregon wildfire was visible as well. We could see the smoke shortly after leaving the Yakima area. Part of Mt. Hood is visible behind the smoke.

There were several trees around the cache which always interferes with the GPS signal. Susan noticed that the needle was moving even when she was standing still - not a good sign. Lucky for us, this was a very small cemetery so the "search" area was small.
Some people add clues to the cache information online at in case you need a little help finding the cache. The clue for this cache was "Delbert is looking at it.". This is Delbert.

The next cache was located at the Bingen Point Marina Park. We did not have any trouble with the signal for this cache. The GPS took us right to it.

A beautiful place to hide a cache.

What a great day of sightseeing and trying out a new restaurant.