Saturday, September 13, 2014


Ben only had help one day this week and as a result the framing process has been going slowly. In this picture, Bob is in the foreground and you can see the opening for the door to his right. Ben is in the background working on the frame for the north wall.

In the picture below notice the openings for four windows on the north (far) wall. Three of the windows are small frosted windows (near the top of the wall) that do not open, while the fourth larger window is in the pump room. There are two windows in the pump room and both windows open for cross ventilation. On the back wall, under the second small window, the framed opening is visible for the cold-air return vent. 

We wanted to see the frame first before we determined the height of the large windows on the south (facing the lawn) and west (closest to the house) walls. Seeing the wall framed first really helped us determine how high to place the windows.  

Finally the large windows on the south wall and west wall have been framed. The plan right now is to complete the framing process on Monday and install the trusses on Tuesday.