Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hot Tub & Pump Room

Yesterday the electrical conduit was installed for the pump room. As soon as it passes inspection, the floor can be poured.  The red spray paint on the ground indicates where the pumps and pool heater will sit in the pump room and outlines the hot tub.  You can also see two floor drains, one in the pump room and one next to the hot tub. The heating system for the room will sit outside the new addition. 

The curved line in the foreground of this picture shows how the door to the pump room opens into the pool room. Two of the pumps will be stacked on top of each other to save space. We will also have shelves in the pump room for the hot tub supplies.  

When the hot tub is moved indoors the electrical line from the control box will run under the floor and up under the  hot tub so we won't trip over it like we do now. If you look closely you can see one gray pipe sticking up inside the red paint outline.  The electrical line will run from this to the control box, the cable for which you can see next to the foundation about two feet from the wall board.  

We are excited to have the flour poured because the guys can start framing after the inspections are complete.