Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back Fill & Floor Drain

Yesterday the guys back filled the area around the foundation. Mike brought the CAT right up to the garage to dislodge a board from the foundation. The board was placed prior to the concrete being poured to stop the concrete from reaching siding on the garage.
The area on both the inside and outside of the foundation is filled primarily with gravel instead of dirt. Gravel is more compact, which means it will not settle as much as dirt will.
We asked the guys to spread gravel over the strip next to the sidewalk so that Tillie can't eat the dirt. We have a design in mind for the area outside the building.
We are having a drain put in the floor so when the hot tub or pool needs to be drained we can put the sump pump hose right in the floor without going outside. 

The floor drain is in place and the back fill process has been completed. Next, the electrician will place rebar where the hot tub will sit and then the site will be inspected before the concrete floor is poured.