Saturday, August 23, 2014

Foundation Insulation & Propane Line

On Thursday, August 21, Ben lined the concrete foundation with foam insulation. Everything you see in this picture will be under the floor level of the room. The area not lined with insulation foam is where the Endless Pool will be installed.  The same insulation will be placed between the pool and the frame when the project gets to that stage.
The size of the actual swimming area is 13' long by 9' wide.  This size will allow two people to exercise in the pool at the same time, or one person could swim against the current while one person exercises.

The size of the new building is 26' by 21'. Notice the orange paint marker at the bottom of this picture. Since the propane line had to be rerouted around the addition, we decided to have a propane line extended over to the patio for direct connection to our BBQ, eliminating the need to fill separate tanks.