Friday, August 15, 2014

Garage Access & Concrete Pour

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Ben took down the inside of the garage wall today.

The wall has been removed. The electrical outlet will be moved as well.

Originally we were told that the concrete company would need to put a boom over the house to get the concrete to the construction site. When we first moved onto the property in 2010, the ground was so wet in the back that every vehicle that went back there would sink. When the truck arrived today, the driver decided to bring the truck around to the backyard, over the gravel, and see what happened. You can see the back right tire was sinking a little, which explains why the truck is at an angle. The guy wearing the orange shirt is putting extenders on the shute so the concrete will reach the trench.

Waiting for the concrete to come down the shute.

Moving the shute along the trench for the concrete footing.

Using hand trowels to smooth out the concrete. The area under the pool needs to be especially smooth to avoid tearing the vinyl lining.

Continuing to smooth out the concrete using wood planks.

The amount of concrete needed for the footing was underestimated so a second truck was called out to the house. The truck backed right over the trench and I was worried that the trench would collapse but everything worked out fine.

Putting some water on the concrete during the final smoothing process.

The concrete has been smoothed out. The posts sticking up our of the concrete at both ends are the water drains.