Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Installing the treadmill and the propulsion unit.

Today, Ben and Bob finished straightening the liner and began installing the treadmill.

Lining everything up on the edge of the pool. The treadmill is in the foreground and the propulsion unit is closest to the window.  

All of the parts ready to go

Getting ready to enter the pool. Brrrrrr

While Ben was standing in the pool water, I was draining and cleaning the hot tub and believe me when I say that water is freezing.

Tomorrow Susan is going to test out the treadmill to make sure it is working correctly. Hopefully it will be a very short test. The electricians will also be here tomorrow to disconnect the hot tub where it sits now and move the electrical box inside. There are also people coming to move the hot tub indoors tomorrow, which is why I had to drain and clean it today.