Saturday, December 6, 2014

Progress During Vacation

Ben took these pictures for me while we were traveling.  Bless his heart! I don't know many contractors would take the time. One of the painters is finishing the pump room door. .

Installing the ceiling fan.

The fan looks a lot smaller than I thought it would.

The rain gutters and downspouts are made on site. The white roll of aluminum seen in this box is formed to the length required for each piece.

The aluminum on the roll is formed as it passes through the machine and extends outside the truck.

The entire process only takes a couple of hours to complete the gutter and downspout job.

Platte Heating and Air Conditioning delivering the heating and dehumidifier system. The next several pictures show parts of the pool heater, the air-conditioner, dehumidifier and room heating system.

The sweeps for the hydraulic lines passing through the wall between the pump room and the pool. The treadmill uses one of the sweeps and the water propulsion unit uses the other two; one for pressure and one for return.

This is a pipe threader used to thread the iron gas pipe.

Working on wiring for the hydraulic pumps.

The blue device on the side of the wall is a water quality system. This unit is an electric heater and it controls the propulsion for the hydraulic pump.

The propane line extending into the pump room.

The slightly yellow unit closest to the house is the cooling and dehumidifier system for the room. The white unit closer to the front is the condenser for the cooling unit.
Beginning to install the draft hood for the pool heater.

The draft hood installed on the pool heater. The draft hood draws air into the vent.  

The completed pump room. Between the water quality system and the window you can see the cooper ion generator, which will allow us to use very little chlorine in the pool.

What the desert air system looks like fully installed. The gray unit is the modine gas furnace.